What To Expect During Pregnancy After Getting Breast Implants

Breast Implants and Pregnancy - Premier Plastic Surgery ArtsThe majority of women who elect for breast augmentation surgery are typically in their late 20s to mid 30s. Due to this particular age demographic, many patients become pregnant some time after their procedure. While women are advised to finish having babies before getting implants, having them while pregnant poses no added risk.

Women who become pregnant following a breast augmentation will experience the same symptoms pregnant women without implants will, including enlargement of the breasts. This enlargement typically does not result in any additional pain or discomfort, and will normally resolve after breast feeding. In the event that the breast gland shrinks post pregnancy, larger implants may be inserted to maintain pre-pregnancy size and shape.

There is a risk for stretch marks if the breast enlargement during pregnancy is rapid. If weight is gained too quickly, patients also run the risk of having their chest sag lower than before. However, this condition may be able to be corrected with a breast lift procedure.

While being pregnant with implants doesn’t cause complications, there can be risks associated with breast feeding. For instance, mothers might not be able to breastfeed depending on the incision and insertion method used in the breast augmentation procedure. Patients may also produce a reduced amount of milk. To ensure it is safe to breastfeed, women should consult with their doctor and monitor the amount of milk they produce for a period of four to six weeks.

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