In the News: Plastic Surgery Parties; Friend or Foe?

Men and women are getting together in a social atmosphere; having drinks, gossiping and getting Botox injections? It’s a developing trend all around the country, but it’s not always fun and games. Plastic surgery is a very competitive industry and it can be difficult for a surgeon to promote his/her practice. Many find themselves turning to attention grabbing parties and promotional events.  Some are using this idea in a professional way to introduce themselves and their practice while others are taking advantage of a “party” atmosphere to bring in profits.

Be cautious of any event offering alcoholic beverages. There is no doubt these events draw a crowd but alcohol distracts from the professional atmosphere of the event.  Whether one glass is consumed or six glasses, alcohol can delay reactions and impair judgment. If alcohol is being served at the same event where treatments (Botox, injectable fillers) are being administered, one cannot confidently say these patients were in the right mind to agree to treatments.

Be cautious of events where a doctor is performing treatments or offering consultations. Now that does not mean all events promoting this are harmful, just be aware of the layout of the event. If the doctor is offering injections, ask if those are being done in a private room, not in the middle of the event.  You want to have your own private time with the doctor to explain your wishes and ask questions.  The same principle stands for consultations. At so many of these events patients are packed into a room and the doctor is being passed around, each getting 10 minutes of “consultation” time, without undressing or being examined.  That does not leave enough time for a concise expert opinion.

Now some good news! Events held at the practice, offering private introductions with the doctor and treatments in a reserved room are usually a good option.  Another event idea doctors are offering are public presentations; explaining the doctor’s background and specialties. This can be a great option for those who feel more comfortable in groups or are just beginning the process and don’t want to feel “pressured” in a one-on-one consultation.

As a final thought – if the number one priority of the event is to “party” it may not be a good idea.

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