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Breast Reconstruction New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franckle performs a large number of breast reconstruction surgeries. This page describes breast reconstruction with your own tissues through a technique called Latissimus Flap/Pedicle Flap Breast Reconstruction. The most suitable Breast Reconstruction method(s) for your personal situation will be presented to you during your consultation.

Latissimus Flap/Pedicle Flap – Breast Reconstruction New Jersey

Latissimus Flap/Pedicle Flap Breast Reconstruction may be indicated if you are missing skin and breast tissue following a mastectomy. The goal of Latissimus Flap/Pedicle Flap Breast Reconstruction is the creation of a “breast” that looks essentially normal in clothes and near normal without clothes. In cases where the reconstruction is performed at the same time as a skin-sparing mastectomy, an excellent result with a near perfect match can be obtained. In cases where larger amounts of skin are lost or in delayed breast reconstruction, the Latissimus flap primarily replaces the skin defect—the scar and shape of the reconstructed breast is dependent on defect. Generally, the Latissimus Flap/Pedicle Flap Breast Reconstruction requires a breast implant to provide the necessary volume to the final result.

The Latissimus Flap/Pedicle Flap Breast Reconstruction New Jersey Procedure

A flap of skin and muscle is elevated from the upper outer back and rotated to the breast defect. The blood supply is left intact in the armpit (axilla). Usually, but not always, an implant or tissue expander is placed under the flap to provide the correct volume to the reconstructed breast. The back defect is closed directly. Nipple/areolar reconstruction is often performed after healing of the flap to insure the best possible position.

Recovery from Latissimus Flap/Pedicle Flap Breast Reconstruction New Jersey

Latissimus Flap/Pedicle Flap Breast Reconstruction is requires one to two days of hospitalization. Discomfort of the back and reconstruction site will be present for several weeks. Full use of the area will require about four weeks of healing. All of the sutures will be removed within a month.
Additional procedures that would enhance the result are enlargement, lifting, or reduction of the opposite breast, and/or nipple (areolar) reconstruction. These procedures are part of the breast reconstruction and are usually covered by insurance.

Breast Reconstruction is usually covered by insurance. The specific risks and the suitability of any Breast Reconstruction Procedure for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are unusual.

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