Cosmetic Surgeries Have Doubled in Recent Years, Study Shows

467409779In the past 12 years, the growth of cosmetic surgery has been astounding. A recent study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that U.S. cosmetic procedures have doubled from 2000 to 2012. This growth has remained steady despite the economic downturn of the early 2000s, showing marked growth year by year.

A likely cause of this phenomenon is society’s increasing familiarity and comfort with minimally invasive procedures such as injectables. However, major surgical procedures have not been immune to market fluctuations, and they’ve begun to decline in recent years. Facelift procedures, for example, declined by 27 percent from 2006-2009. But what causes this influx and decline in elective surgeries?

Market fluctuations in food, unemployment, media, and entertainment were all independent and statistically relevant influences on a population’s likeliness to undergo cosmetic treatments. In particular, media influences have always been a driving force in the growth of cosmetic surgery. Men and women alike strive to obtain the ideal look portrayed by their favorite film stars, prompting them to choose surgery – or, more likely, to opt for a less invasive injection – to achieve the desired results.

Of course, financial considerations are always a major influence in the decision to have a cosmetic procedure. Fluctuations in unemployment and entrepreneurship in certain areas play a key role in increases or declines in the volume of major cosmetic surgeries.

More mature patients are another rising statistic in candidates for plastic surgery as well. These men and women have often reached a level of financial security that allows them a more comfortable income as well as an increased desire to enhance their later years through cosmetic treatments.

Looking at these current trends, it seems safe to say that the growth of cosmetic surgery is on track to continue for decades to come. Thanks to advances in low-risk, minimally invasive procedures, patients are more confident than ever about opting for a cosmetic procedure.


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