Combining Facial Procedures for a Better Profile

Many people may focus on the way their face looks from the front, but the profile, or side view, is also a defining feature of beauty. For those who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their profile, there are many benefits to combining facial procedures to alter your overall look.

Reduced Surgery Risks

A profile of a woman looking over her shoulder

Although working with a professional and experienced surgeon can make operations safer, there are still risks associated with any facial surgery. However, by combining multiple procedures into a single operation, the chances of having complications due to anesthetics, infection, or bleeding are combined into one procedure and are therefore reduced.

One-time Recovery

In addition to reducing the risk of complications, combining multiple procedures means patients will only have to go through the process of recovery once. Instead of taking off of work or school for multiple procedures and their corresponding recovery times, patients can consolidate the process and recuperate just once.

Reduced Cost

Because there may be payments associated with multiple facility fees and anesthesiologist fees, some patients may be able to save money by combining procedures as well. In addition, patients may lose less of their wages by combining their recovery times and thereby missing less work.

Uniform Results

Many patients opt to have facial procedures performed at different stages in their lives, but combining them may make the results appear more natural. For example, while a facelift can make the neck and face look younger, it may appear out of sync with aged skin around the eyes or mouth. However, by combining a facelift with dermal fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, patients can enjoy a uniformly youthful look for their entire profile.

Commonly Combined Procedures

Although the eyes and skin may be the focus of many facial procedures, the nose, lips, and chin affect the profile the most. Rhinoplasty and chin augmentations can be combined to correct a weak profile, and they can also be performed at the same time as cheek augmentation, neck lifts, and lip fillers.

Altering your profile can have prominent effects on your appearance, and the procedures can easily be combined to save on time, money, and potential discomfort. For more information on these procedures, contact William Franckle, MD, FACS at 856-772-6500 today for your plastic surgery consultation.

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