Buttock Enhancement Procedures

Many men and women are blessed with curves in all the right places. For those who are not, Dr. Franckle can create a more voluptuous body
profile by adding curves to your backside with a buttock enhancement. A buttock augmentation procedure can provide a fuller, rounder, shapelier buttock, giving you the curves you’ve always wanted.

What is a Buttock Enhancement Procedure?

Depending on the patient’s body and his or her wishes, Dr. Franckle will customize each buttock enhancement procedure to achieve the most
desired results.  Your surgery may include one or all of the techniques listed below.

Buttock Lift: A patient who is experiencing a deflation of the buttock or sagging due to age may require a lift to permanently position the buttock at a higher position.

The Brazilian Butt Lift: Patients who wish to add volume to their butt and who are not experiencing any serious sagging may be candidates for a New Jersey Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure relies on fat transfer to add volume to the buttocks without the use of any implants or a surgical lift.

First, fat is removed from other areas of the body with liposuction. The harvested fat is then purified and prepared for injection into the buttock. To provide the most natural looking results, Dr. Franckle prefers to layer small injections of fat throughout the buttock within different tiers of muscle and fat.  Strategically placing the fat injections in the upper quadrant of your buttock can give the appearance of a lifted and perky backside.

Shaping with Liposuction: Removing small pockets of fat with liposuction can be useful in creating an overall, well-balanced physique. Sculpting the hips, lower back region and/or buttock area with liposuction can enhance the look of your newly fashioned curves from your buttock lift or Brazilian Butt Lift. This may or may not be necessary for your procedure; this is something that can be discussed during your consultation with board certified New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Franckle.

Butt Enhancement After Weight Loss: Patients receiving a body contouring procedure after massive weight loss may benefit from a buttock augmentation using their own tissues. Layers of fat removed from adjacent areas of the body can then be used to re-contour the shape and size of the buttock. Removing fat from less desirable areas, and then using it where it is desired, can provide a more complimentary shape.

Recovery After Buttock Enhancement

All buttock enhancement procedures are performed under general anesthesia under the care of Dr. Franckle and his outstanding medical
team.  The recovery period ranges from 1– 4 weeks, depending on the procedure. You should be able to resume all normal activities 4 weeks post op.

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