Breast Implant New Jersey – Revision Breast Implant Surgery

Breast Implants New Jersey – Secondary or Revision Surgery

Unfortunately, some patients receive sub-optimal results in aesthetic breast surgery. The reasons for dissatisfaction include incorrect size or shape of implant, poor position of the pocket leading to asymmetry and malposition, and failure to recognize a pre-existing breast asymmetry or irregularity prior to the procedure. Only detailed and thorough pre-operative planning between the doctor and the patient can minimize these unwanted results. Thankfully, the vast majority of patients who undergo these breast procedures by qualified surgeons are quite satisfied with their results.

Dr. Franckle regularly evaluates patients who have had breast augmentation but are somewhat unhappy with their result. Secondary surgery is performed when the implants become malpositioned, a scar contracture forms, an implant failure such as rupture occurs, or the natural aging process of the breast requires a breast lift at the same time as replacement of the implants.

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