Breast Implant Revision in Voorhees, NJ

Breast implant revisions can do a world of good for a woman’s self-confidence if she is not happy with her current implants. Whether they were inserted to decrease asymmetry in the breasts, to correctly proportion the figure, or to increase the cup size of the breasts, implants are an effective choice when it comes to improving overall shape.

Less Than Ideal Results

Unfortunately, not every breast implant surgery is up to the high standards that we hold here at Premier Plastic Surgery Arts. Many times, a botched breast implant surgery can lead to an incorrect breast size, an abnormal shape, asymmetry, and malposition. As breast augmentation is a huge decision and financial investment, results that are less than ideal are inexcusable.

When to Seek Information About Breast Revision Surgery

  • When the breast implant has deflated, or a rupture has occurred.
  • The implant size is too big or too small.
  • The breasts are malpositioned on the chest.
  • There has been a change in the shape of the breast as a result of weight fluctuation.
  • The breasts need a lift as a result of natural aging.

Dr. Franckle’s Evaluation

Dr. William Franckle of Premier Plastic Surgery Arts is a board certified plastic surgeon and routinely meets with patients that are displeased with the results of their breast augmentation surgeries. After his evaluation, Dr. Franckle is able to give his opinion on the best route for correcting the imperfections of the surgery.

Breast Revision Surgery Procedures

Breast revision is a catchall term for all the various procedures done to correct imperfections after breast augmentation surgery. It is important to understand the different techniques used to correct the specific issues.

Implant Size Revision: Although, through pre-planning, a surgeon can make sure the proportions of your implants fit the size and shape of your chest, various factors can contribute to a patient deciding to alter the size of their implants. For increasing the size of the implants, Dr. Franckle can use the original surgical incision to increase the size of the “pocket” (the area that surrounds the implant in the breast). For reducing the size of the implants, the pocket size is decreased by using sutures. Keep in mind, when reducing implant size, breast lifts are typically needed and can be scheduled at the same time.

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Capsular Contracture: When scar tissue forms around the breast implant and the breasts harden, surgery is needed to remove the scar tissue. The effects of capsular contracture range from altering the shape of the breasts to causing discomfort due to the tightening of the capsule. Capsular contracture is treated in a few different ways. A capsulotomy is a procedure where an incision in the capsular contracture is made to release the scar formation. A capsulectomy is the complete removal of the scar tissue.

Malposition: When the implant pockets are created too far or too close together, a repositioning procedure must be undertaken for correction. During this surgery, Dr. Franckle will utilize the original incision to reenter the breast pocket and craft the scar tissue around the capsule to appropriately reposition the implant.

Implant Removal: If you and Dr. Franckle decide that none of the previously listed breast revision techniques are right for you, a complete removal of the implants may be necessary. Using the use the same incision that was utilized for the insertion, the implants and any scar tissue surrounding the pocket will be removed.


Recovery from breast revision surgery should be a similar experience to the recovery from the original breast augmentation surgery. There will be short-term pain, including swelling, bruising, stiffness, and itching. Recovery time is generally around six weeks long, varying depending on several factors (i.e. whether or not drains were used, or if a breast lift was done after the breast implants had been removed). Recovery time for complete removal of the implants without a breast lift will be less intense. It is crucial to follow all the post-operation instructions we give you after surgery.

3D Simulation

Vectra 3D Imaging allows our patients to see a prediction of the results of breast revision surgery while they are still in the consideration phase. Using specialized 3D cameras, this system takes multiple pictures from a variety of angles to construct a 3D model of your own body. After the photos are taken, Dr. Franckle will make alterations to the photo depending on the requested results. This technology is imperative to the pre-planning process at Premier Plastic Surgery Arts.

Dr. Franckle believes in patient safety above all else. He regularly attends conferences and conventions so that Premier Plastic Surgery Arts has the latest information and techniques for all performed procedures.

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