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posted by William Franckle

Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction

Experience the latest innovation in liposuction with Body-Jet! Water-Jet assisted liposuction is a simple cosmetic surgery procedure designed to simply wash the fat away with a gentle fluid spray.

Water assisted liposuction is the latest in liposuction technology. It can be applied to multiple areas of the body during the same session, and after the surgery you can feel the smoothed skin, without the pain and bruises found in standard liposuction procedures.

The Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction technique was developed to avoid the problems associated with tumescent infiltration used in standard liposuction procedures. Tumescent infiltration causes tissue swelling which lowers operative accuracy and can result in serious side affects. Body-Jet Liposuction gently washes away the fat without traumatizing other structures such as blood vessels and nerves.

Water-Jet liposuction has shown to be clearly superior to traditional methods because of the dramatically reduced session length and less pain. With Body-Jet Liposuction less manual pressure is needed to remove the fat and thus a simple local anesthetic can be used.

Referred to often by plastic surgeons and patients as “water lipo” or “H2O lipo,” this latest technology offers a new gentle technique for body contouring and body sculpting. Body-Jet liposuction offers patients a totally different experience from standard tumescent liposuction or even laser-assisted liposuction. Body-Jet liposuction offers the ultimate in fat removal with minimal downtime, fast recovery and excellent results. Visit our before and after photo gallery and let the results speak for themselves. Call your Premier Plastic Surgery Arts of Voorhees, New Jersey today and ask about Body-Jet liposuction, the gentle way.

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